10 Foot Original Sun Shade Awning


Original Coleman Fleetwood Sun Shade bag and awning.

This is an original 10 foot Sun Shade bag and awning. The awning has a black and white color fade on the top. The bottom of the awning is white. The bag comes with the awning cord to hang on the side of the camper attached, and the awning is sewn into the bag.

Hardware such as poles and the end rail are not included. This is the bag and awning only.

This awning is a smaller reach than normal awnings. It was designed for the scorpion and smaller box sized models.


  • Bag = 115 inches wide
  • Awning = 108-1/2 inches wide
  • Awning = 40 inches long

Commonly found on units around 2003. Series 3700

Part number 4768A6191

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