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Pre 97 Bed Rail 37-7/8"


New old stock pre set bed rail.

This rail is a factory original. It features a end roller wheel sized to 2 inches that is machined flat. The wheel is set to stationary.

The rail is silver in color.

For installation, remove the old rail from the bed frame and install the stop plate and roller kits in the same positions as your original rail. Every last piece of hardware is included with this kit for an easy install. 


  • 1 Bed rail
  • All required rivets
  • All required stop plates
  • 2 Roller assemblies
  • 2 Screws and washers

One bed rail services one bed extension side. Two rails are required to service one complete bed extension.

Measuring for your new bed rail.

This rail is pre piloted for a specific application. In the product images, and at the INSTRUCTIONS link located at the top of the webstore you can find the dimension chart and modification chart to assist you in installation.

Dimension Chart

Using the dimension chart, this rail has the following length and stop locations.

  • A = 37-7/8"
  • D = 37-1/2" 

Choosing the correct Wheel Size

The two options with these bed rails are the large single wheel that is attached to the end of the rail. This wheel on your pop up camper will measure either 2-1/8 inches or 2-1/4 inches. Sometimes if your wheel is worn or has a factory flat spot, it is easier to measure the inside of the guide rail attached to the camper.

Part number 4739-6151

Installation instructions available.