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Solar Battery Tender

Solar battery tender.

Zamp KICKER solar battery maintainers are designed to have the solar panel permanently mounted for battery charging. This kit will give you piece of mind knowing your battery is ready when you are. This system is designed to keep your battery fully charged in between camping trips.

The panel can be mounted 25′ from the battery allowing a wide range of applications. This kit is equipped with a 10 watt solar panel and a 6 amp PWM weatherproof solar charge controller. Great for humid & damp or dry & dusty locations with no way of protecting the solar charge controller form the elements. Each kit is equipped with all the wires and wire connections needed to install solar for battery.

Zamp Kicker 10 watt 6 amp Kit Contents:

  • Class A Crystalline Solar Panel
    • 25 Year Power Output Warranty
    • Highest Quality, High Efficiency
  • Solar Panel Mounting Feet with Hardware to Connect to Panel
  • 6 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller
    • PWM – Pulse Width Modulation Technology for BEST Battery Health and Longevity
    • Weatherproof – Completely Encased in Epoxy
  • All Wires and Wire Connectors
    • 25′ Properly Sized Wire
    • Butt Splice Connectors
    • Battery Ring Terminal Connectors
    • Fuses and Fuse Holders
Part number ZS-10-6A