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Storage Box Lid


Measures 78-3/4 inches by 21-3/4 inches across the top of the lid.

The original storage box lids in this design had a reinforced foam core panel that was glued into the inside of the lid. These are no longer available. This lid is sold without any inner reinforcements. 

Part number 4751-4596

Note : The panel is an over sized shipment. We will build a custom wooden crate to best protect this item in shipping.

You must choose "Body Panel" as the shipment option at checkout, if not, the system will cancel your order within 24 hours. 

Please note....

  • Please confirm your body panel with visuals and measurements.
  • Panels ship via tractor trailer. Please choose body panel at checkout as the shipment option or contact us for in store pickup.
  • An extra shipping surcharge may apply for body panel shipments outside of the continental United States.