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Tank Deodorant Toss-Ins


Certified green and environmentally friendly. Formulas carrying the Dfe logo were reviewed and recognized to be in compliance with Dfe requirements and use the best-in-class components from the CleanGredients database. EcoLogo is North America's oldest, most-recognized and respected environmental standard and certification organization. It is the only standard accredited by the Global Eco-Labeling Network that meets the international standard for environmental labels. To meet stringent EcoLogo criteria, a holding tank additive must control odors and help decrease waste materials. Biologically-based and non-toxic. Will not harm humans or riparian and aquatic species or accumulate in the environment. Has limited surfactants that biodegrade. Quickly breaks down and liquefies waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs. Superior odor control. Detergent additive keeps tanks clean. Non-staining green dye washes clean with soap and water. 12 toss-ins.

Part number 1632952