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Universal Bed Support Pole Pivot Style

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This bed support pole is commonly found on the following Coleman and Fleetwood series pop ups.

  • Americana
  • Pioneer

This is the pole that stabilizes the bed. At least two are found under each bed frame in these series. Some have a total of four on the front bed. When the bed is pulled out, the pole swings down to the pole support bracket.

Remember to make sure the bed support poles are down and in position before anyone climbs on the beds.

Pre set to the following application : King / Front or Rear

Measures 52 inches in length.

Easily modified to create any shorter pole that you need.

To create a shorter pole

  • Cut the bottom end of the pole. Tack weld a small piece of steel back to the inside lip to create the catch again.

Looking to add the clips that store these poles under the bed?

Click here

Part number 4757-9155