Universal T Connector For Trailer Wiring


ZCI Zero Contact Interface Universal T-Connector.

Looking for an easy T one connector that will fit any vehicle? This kit does just that, without spicing into the wiring on your car or truck. From yesterdays standard stop tail turn light systems, to today's sensitive PWM and multiplex taillight wiring, this kit covers them all.

Trailer Light Power Module with Integrated Circuit Protection. ZCI sensor technology and direct connection to the tow vehicle battery, eliminates all electrical connection & interference with the tow vehicle electrical system. Works with 2 or 3 wire systems. Works with PWM or Multiplexed systems requiring 2, 3 or 4 wire hookup. Rated for up to 4.2 amps for turn/stop & 7.5 amps for taillight trailer circuits. Integrated auto resetting short & overload protection. Compact design for ease of mounting. Will work with standard & LED bulbs. Works with low side switched vehicles.

You can find a YouTube product demonstration video here.

Part number 5619250

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