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Flow Longer Plus

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The Flow-Longer Propane Kits are designed to connect small portable appliances, normally fueled by disposable LP-Gas cylinders, to the existing LP-Gas fuel supply on your pop up. This system does not interrupt the supply of regulated fuel to the camper. It permanently installs between the LP and the low pressure regulator. Simply uncap the extra connection to fuel your outdoor high pressure appliances. 

Flow-Longer eliminates the need to purchase an extra LP-Gas cylinder or several small, disposable type cylinders.

Kit includes: Brass elbow connection .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x 1-5/16" male ACME/female POL with quick closing poppet x 1"-20 female and a extra long 12 foot hose with 1"-20 male x 1"-20 female  ends.

Need an extra hose or two for this system? look here.

Part number 4500471


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