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Spray Away Port

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$79.95 - $79.95
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Color: Black

Spray-away is a self-storing, self-contained product that eliminates the need for a bulky garden hose.

Easy to install and easy to use. No valves to open, no hose to screw on; just quick connect and spray.

Directly matched to the following units and manufactures on units produces around the 2000's and later.

  • Coleman
  • Fleetwood
  • Coachmen / Viking
  • Dutchmen
  • Forest River
  • Jayco
  • Palomino
  • Rockwood

Spray-away's 15' of extremely flexible coiled hose automatically recoils neatly into a one-foot length and stows away in its own self-contained compartment. Crack-resistant 3/8" polyurethane hose is lightweight, UV resistant, more durable than a rubber or PVC hose.

Not a potable (drinkable) water system.

A quick-connect swivel fitting with valve shutoff, allows the hose to easily connect directly to the pop ups plumbing.

Outer frame measure 7-1/2 inches squared, with a depth of 12 inches.


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