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Galley Lift Bars Used

Precio original $99.95 - Precio original $99.95
Precio original
$99.95 - $99.95
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Size: 44-3/8" X 26-1/2"

The galley lift bar is used to raise and lower the sink and stove system.

This type of bar is always found on chain assist versions.

  • Very common on larger sized units.
  • Not common on 8 foot and smaller units.

Many sizes are available, please select your size from the drop down menu.

Measurements are found by measuring across the width at the top, then a top corner to a bottom leg.

Take this second measurement straight between these points.

Colors are commonly tan, some are brown.

All are in very good used condition.

Instore pickup is available. Please call to place an order for instore pickup in Maryland and save 50 percent on this item!


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