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Black Lift Trim

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Installed at the lift pillars, this trim kit keeps weather and debris out of the lift arms and act as guides for the lift arms. Finding these trims broken can be a result of an issue with the lift arm or its mounting. 

Be sure to check the 4 mounting bolts that secure the arm to the bottom of the camper. These should be snug.

There are two 7/16th lock nuts inside the roof lift pocket. These should be loose on the studs, only run about half way up the stud.

If these nuts are tight to the roof, back them off halfway down.

This lift trim has squared lip that fits to the top deck.

Video available

Measures 5-5/8 inches wide by 1-7/8 inches. Inside cutout measures 3-1/4 inches wide by 1-1/2 inches deep.

The mounting holes measure 5/8 of an inch and are oval. On center they are spaced at 4-3/8 inches.

One trim services one lift post.

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