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LP / CO Detector

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Color: Black
he RV Safe alarm is unsurpassed in its use of the latest technology to quickly and accurately alert occupants of the presence of deadly Carbon Monoxide and Propane Gas.

Compact design enables installation almost anywhere on the walls and cabinets. Simple to install with only a 3/4 Inch hole required for the wires and two flat head self tapping screws. No sawing or routers required.

The low profile, softly curved shape eliminates the chance of being broken off the wall in confined spaces. Alarm activates with a four beep pattern with a flashing red LED for CO gas, or a continuous beeping with a solid red LED for Propane gas.

If both gases are present, the alarm will indicate Propane as it requires more immediate action. Assembled with state of the art, robotic automation to produce consistently high quality and reliability.

FunctionDetects Both LP And CO Gas
TypeSurface Mount
Alert TypeAlert To Leak With Beeping
Display TypeNo Display
Diameter (IN)Not Applicable
Width (IN)2.61 Inch
Height (IN)0.57 Inch
Depth (IN)4.21 Inch
Power Source8 To 15 Volt Hardwired

LP detectors have a life span of about 7 years after installation. The need for a replacement is to assure complete functionality for you and your family's safety.

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