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USB Powered Faucet

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An easy upgrade to add a self powered faucet.

A touch switch turns the faucet on and off, and powers a convenient light under the spout for nighttime use. Touch the water drop icon twice to turn the faucet and light on, once to turn it off.

USB charged, this faucet requires no other power or hand pumping. 

Videos available

Included in the kit are two metal mounting bases that magnetically hold the faucet. These can be mounted to the top countertop in your camper. Easy to simply lift the faucet off the base for removal and storage, or move the system to a picnic table for easy outside water.


Transforms your faucet into a portable one with no need for external power


Dispenses 150 L per charge


Touch button operation with a built in light for nighttime use

Works very well with the Go Hydration water jugs

And our water tank installation kits.

Please note, the water line that comes with this kit is not very long. In the videos we use the line that comes with the kit, and there is not much room for slack. Some additional water line below can make your installation a bit easier.

Add an additional 12 feet of waterline to your order

Find the instructions and measurements at the following links.




Measures approximately 7 inches tall with a six inch reach to the sink.

Part number 9600050794

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