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Tank To Regulator LP Hoses

Preço Original $10.95 - Preço Original $26.95
Preço Original
$10.95 - $26.95
Preço Atual $10.95
Size: 12

This is the hose that attaches from the propane tank to the low pressure regulator. Pop ups that have 1 LP tank use one hose, campers that have two require two hoses.

Available in 4 sizes. Please choose your size from the drop down menu above.

1/4 inch ID high pressure gas hose has a female Type 1 QCC acme nut with a 1/4 inch inverted male pipe thread.

Note: Some Coleman and Fleetwood pop up's regulators used a slightly different 5/16 inch port for the acme nut hose. To make sure your connection connects, consider adding the adapter below.

adapters are available

Part number 4761-1921

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