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Some parts on some orders may be delayed due to supply chain issues the industry is currently experiencing.
Some parts may be delayed due to supply chain issues the industry is experiencing.

Ball Bearing Whiffle Tree E5201


The whiffle tree is the threaded rod mounted in the bottom of the pop up. A draw bar runs up and down the rod, and pulls or releases the cables.

There were two types of whiffle trees used. Ball bearing and plastic delrin nut. This style of ball bearing tree is more commonly found on larger box sized units and units with power lifts.

Video available

How lift systems work and their general maintenance

Direct compatibility

Fits 1968 through 1995 Americana series with or without ratchet.

Fits 1986 through 1991 Plantation series with ratchet.

Fits 1993 through 1995 Pioneer/Four Seasons series with ratchet or clutch crank and sprocket.

Enclosed ball bearing design. Coarse thread. Drawbar travel distance = 17 inches. 1 inch of drawbar travel = 3 inches of lift height.

The overall length of the rod is 28-3/4 inches in length.

One preset stop. This stop is pinned at 2-1/8 inches from the end of the bar.

Installation and Maintenance Tip: Liberally grease the screw with a lithium grease. We recommend Gulf Super Duty grease (part number NLGI-1 or equivalent).

The draw bar runs on a internal ball bearing system. Do not run the draw bar off of the whiffle tree or all the bearing will escape ruining the assembly. Running the draw bar over a hole in a removed stop can also result in failure.

Part number 4720E5201