Bed Bow Repair Kit


A common fail point for Coleman and Fleetwood pop up camper bed bows are right in the middle. This kit is designed to fix bed bows that have suffered this break. This kit will only work on bows that use a center tent support tip on the shepherd pole. 

Tube measures 6 inches in length, 1 inch inside diameter.

Comes with 1 repair tube and 4 rivets. Rivets are polar white or silver.

Installation instructions

1. Completely separate the bed bow at the center, or where the break is. The break is typically at the center where the tent support tip hole is.

2. Slip the repair tube on both center ends of the now separated bed bow, making sure that the tent support tip hole matches for proper alignment.

3. Using a 3/16" drill bit, drill a pilot hole and insert and fasten one rivet. When alignment is assured, drill the last 3 holes, then insert and fasten the remaining 3 rivets.

Part number 4714-6081

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