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Duties And Taxes

What are Taxes and Duties?

A tax is a charge imposed on a taxpayer by a government. Tariffs are a direct tax applied to goods imported from a different country. 

Duties are indirect taxes that are imposed on the consumer of imported goods

These charges only apply for orders shipping outside the USA.


Are Duties And Taxes Pre Paid?

On our webstore they are not. Additional fee's may be due upon delivery. They are the responsibility of the purchaser. We do not estimate or charge for duties, taxes or brokerage fees.


Which Is Less Expensive? UPS or USPS?

UPS is typically less expensive upfront on the shipping cost, but may carry a higher delivery fee if you do not use a custom broker or self declare.

USPS is commonly more expensive upfront on the shipping cost, but they do not charge brokerage fee's. They will charge for duties and taxes upon delivery. 

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