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How to use the Parts Books

These steps will familiarize you with how to use the parts books, and common Coleman and Fleetwood numbering systems.


The first step is to correctly identify your campers model year and name.

  • The year can be found on your registration, and on the build plate on your camper. The build plate is typically found by the access door. This will have a month and year. If the month is June or after, your model year is likely the next. Example : Built 07/1994 would be a 1995 model.

  • The model name is the name it was given via decal on the sides of the camper. Proper noun names are popular.

  • With your year and model name, you can find almost any Coleman or Fleetwood part number. 

    The next step is to identify the series and series number.

    Coleman and Fleetwood would typically produce 10 to 20 models per year, and would categorize them into series. Each series would have about 5 models in them, and the size of the unit would indicate what series they were assigned. A series number, 4 digits, was then assigned to that model.

    • a 2002 Yuma is a Destiny series, Model 3656

    Using series numbers.

    When you search your parts book, you are looking at every model produced that model year in that series. Many of the parts are the same to each model in that series, but some will be model specific.

    • Popular model specific parts include curtains, cushions and canvas.

    When a certain product is assigned to a specific model, it will have a series number next to it. Example

    • 4753E58661 Front Boot 3676, 52, 53, 54, 92

    The series numbers at the end of this front bed boot tells us that it was used on the models with those series numbers. It starts with series 3676, and tells us that it was also used on series 3652, 3653, 3654 and 3692. Anytime a part is used on multiple units, a four digit series number is shown, and then the final two digits of that series would be included after. Simply add the first two digits anytime this information is displayed to correctly match a part to a unit.


    How Coleman and Fleetwood part numbers work

    Most Coleman and Fleetwood part numbers began life with a dash (-) in the middle of the part number. If a part went through an upgrade, revision or change in the supplier, it would be assigned a new alpha character to indicate a change. 


    • 1234-4567    Bracket

    • 1234A4567   Bracket

    • 1234B4567   Bracket

    This information tells us that this bracket part number went through 3 revisions or changes in suppliers over the course of its manufacturing. In this instance, You could likely use any three of these part numbers, even if your camper calls for the first part number. You would of course want to confirm the application with visuals and measurements, but when it comes to most parts they are backwards compatible. 

    Parts that generally are not compatible are cushions, curtains and canvas. These part numbers with different alpha characters in the middle of the part number almost always indicate a different product. Your series number, as mentioned above, is also helpful in matching these products.

    Search Tip : When you find your part number, try changing the alpha character in the middle of the part number if it does not show in the initial search results. They typically do not go past character "F"


    Searching by key word

    Use key words to search our database to find all matched products in new and used. We typically include key words in the descriptions and titles that match what is found in the parts books. The search box is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    Please contact us for any help or questions you may have in choosing the correct item.