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3 Piece Bed Bow Used 74 x 40

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The bed bow provides bunk end canvas support. This is the large U shaped support pole that folds up from the beds and supports the canvas ends.

To install, simply slide the bottom legs into the top bow first. Line up the mounting holes, and install the screw.

Designed for tent tip application from the shepherd pole.

Measures 74 inches wide by 40 inches tall. The height measurement is found without the lower mounting brackets. To confirm your height, measure from the ground to the top center of the bow.

Bows have a bit of spring in them, and can accommodate mounting width variations of an inch or two. Height measurements as factory set are always the same.

This size bow is most commonly found on units from the start of production till the late 1990's.

Note : Some of these systems have slightly different colors from the top of the bow to the legs as pictured. The legs will always be the same color.

Part number 4745-2151-USED

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