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3 Stage Lift Arm CSF-RSR Used

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The lift arm provides lift to the pop up. They are found in each corner of the camper.

  • CSF / Curb Side Front
  • RSR / Road Side Rear

Videos available

Choosing the correct arm

A note from Derek....
Don't worry if your lift arm part number from the parts books did not pop up in the search results. Back in the day FCTA had different part numbers for each arm with the correctly matched cable. This made for a lot of numbers, and a lot of chances for errors. We've done our best to make it simpler for you (and us) by providing them now in the following manner. The videos above go more into depth on these products.

If you were to draw on X on top of the pop up roof, each end of each line would point to the same lift arm. You could also call this lift arm passenger side front and driver side rear.

Lift arms can be easily matched by the number of stages and the length of the lift arm main body.

To match your lift arm and cable, simply follow these steps.

  • Count the number of stages. The main body is stage one.
  • Measure the main body. This one measures 29-1/2 inches tall.
  • Check the lowest 45 degree bracket for the main cable. This bottom bracket always points away from the center of the camper when installed. The lower bracket on this arm sits on the right.
  • Check the main lift cable at the whiffle tree. Does it have a bolt end, or a loop end? This arm most commonly uses bolt end cables.

Available main cable kits

Pre Cut

Universal bolt end

Universal loop end

Part number SK170101-USED