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CO Detector

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Designed and UL listed for use in RV's. Unlike residential detectors these detectors were subjected to additional rigorous tests including; shock, vibration, temperature extremes, cooking fumes and corrosion.

Micro current technology - Fully operates the detector with a minimal 60 mA current draw, saving valuable battery power. CO memory - allows you, service and emergency response personnel to know the CO level that was present at the time of the alarm.

Unless your detector has a memory feature it is impossible to determine the amount of CO that was present at time of the alarm. False alarm resistance - in order to prevent false alarms from low levels of CO, this is designed not to alarm when continuously exposed to 30 ppm of CO for 30 days, (double the UL requirement).

Warning alarm - If moderate levels (60 ppm) of CO remain in the area for an extended period, a warning alarm will sound every fifteen minutes. Low maintenance - simply dust the cover. No costly sensor or battery replacement. 12 Volt-Hard wire

Measures 6-1/2 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches tall across the front.

The installation depth is 5-5/8 inches wide by 3 inches tall by 1-3/4 inches deep.

Part number 4660542

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