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Cordless Drill Crank Adapter

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Looking for an easy solution to make your camper a "power lift" model?

This crank adapter does just that! Works with most drills, and allows you to raise and lower the roof just like a power lift model.

Video available

This model is a new design with an extra long reach, and a 3 sided shaft for better engagement into the drills chuck.

Works with almost every Coleman or Fleetwood pop up camper. It slips into the drive hub, or over the crank shaft. Directly compatible for all units from the 1970's through the 2011 model years.

  • Fits : All 3/8-inch drills
  • Large : Measures 8 inches long
  • Locking : 3 Sided machined shaft
  • Compatible with most Coleman Fleetwood pop ups
  • Durable Construction: Durable, zinc-plated construction

    This adapter will also work with 17 and 20 inch screw down corner stabilizer jacks on Coleman and Fleetwood pop ups. 18 Volt plus drills are recommended.


    Works with drive hub tubes that have the pin located less than 1-3/4 inches from the end of the tube.

    If your pin in located deeper than 1-3/4 inches inside the tube, relocating the pin closer to the end of the tube allows this tool to work.


    Please note : Consider taking measurements of your campers lift attachments. Although this adapter will work perfectly with most units, there are some versions that it will not.

    • For units from the 1970's through the 1990's that do not use a drive hub extension tube, this adapter works perfectly.
    • For units that use a drive hub extension tube and have the pin placed less than 1-3/4 inches deep, this adapter works perfectly.
    • For units that have a direct drive system, located in the center of the bumper with more than 7-1/2 inches of reach, this adapter will not work.


    Please note : Hard to raise roof issues are not fixed by replacing the crank assembly. This problem is typically caused by a failing thrust bearing or lack of maintenance. Please take a look at our products and video's covering hard to raise roof issues.

    Videos available


    The inside diameter of this tool for units that have drive shafts to raise the roof is 11/16th of an inch.  Find more measurements of this tool in the final images


    Part number 48862


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