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Powermax 35 Amp Converter Lithium Compatible

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Designed for larger pop ups that require a bit more more power, this converter has the distribution you need with some extra room to grow.

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The PPC Series RV Power Center is designed to manage both the AC and DC power requirements within your camper. With its lightweight design, it easily mounts within your RV's Power Center housing and is an ideal replacement or upgrade for the WF 8900 PEC Power Center.

With 30 Amp main AC input, main and branch AC circuits, pre-wired DC circuits for ease of installation and LED lights for each circuit to show open circuits. Our PPC Series comes with the AC/DC Smart Charger built-in to properly charge and fully maintain the battery voltage while providing clean 12Vdc power for all sensitive electrical equipment, with or without a battery in line.

User-adjustable DC voltage is standard so the PPC Series can be used with many battery types, including Lithium on our single Fixed output mode so no need to change when upgrading the battery type in the future.

Features: 30 Amp AC and 12 Volt DC Distribution Panel and Built-in 3 Stage charging and single output modes - user adjustable. Works with ALL Battery Types - Lithium, Lead Acid, AGM. Pre-wired DC Output for an easier install. Blown fuses DC indicator LED. Over temp & Reverse Polarity protection. Temperature controlled quiet cooling fan.

2-year warranty. Specifications: 30 Amp AC input with 12 Vdc Distribution Panel. Space for 1 Main and 5 Branch breakers. 11 -12Vdc Fused Circuits - with blown indicator LED. Dimensions for PPC 30-35/45/55A (Full-Size Power Center that replaces WF-8900 PEC).

Cut out - 12 1/8 (W) x 11 (H). Cut out 10 7/8 (W) x 8 3/4 (H).

Part number 1403035

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