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Tent Support Tip


Provides tent and awning pole support. These pins are commonly found on the center canvas support poles and awning poles.

Measures 3/4 of an inch across the bottom where it attaches into the pole. Pin measures 3/4 of an inch in height. 1-1/2 inches tall in overall height. 


Removal and installation tips for tent support tips and C clasps

Removal of the of old part can be a bit stubborn. From the factory the part was typically set into the pole with a punch method. This creates a crimp in the metal pole, and holds the part in. Here are our two best methods for removal if your old pin or clip will not pull out.

  • Removal : Bench vise and channel locks.

Wrap a towel around the pole and secure it into a vise. With a large pair of channel locks, grasp the part to be removed and rock it slightly while pulling away from the pole.

  • Removal : Drilling

Cut off the tip or the C clasp portion of the part. Using a drill, pilot a small hole in the center of the part to be removed. Increase the drill bit size and continue to drill the part until it is free from the crimp securing it.

  • Installation : Crimp

Using a large punch or flattened chisel, punch set the new part into the pole.

  • Installation : Set screw

Before installing the new part, pilot a small hole 1/4 of an inch from the base of the tent pole to accept a #10 screw. Using a #10 TEK or self tapping machine screw, attach the new part to the pole with the screw.

Part number 8470-1728