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Thrust Bearing Series 3000

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This bearing is one of the most common thrust bearings found on units from the 1970's through the 1990's

It is found on units that have upper crank assemblies. In this instance the thrust bearing is found on the whiffle tree, riding on the thrust nut.

It's also on 3000 series direct drive crank assemblies. In this instance it is located at the back of the crank.

Most power lift models also use this bearing with a thrust nut.

The action of this bearing is a front load. It takes the pressure of the roof, easing lift. If the bearing is or has failed, the roof may be very difficult to raise.

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Installation tip: Take note of the direction of the thrust bearing installed in the crank system. The thrust bearing needs to face in the proper direction for the system to operate correctly. If the bearing is installed backwards, the system will be difficult to crank. The proper installation has the open / smaller surface of the bearing facing against the base of the thrust nut. This allows it to spin freely when the system is compressed.

Measurements are 1-7/8" wide, 5/8" tall, 1" center. 

Part number 4720A2421

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