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Universal Tent Pole


The shepherd's hook attaches to the bed bow and provides the center canvas support over the beds.

King sized, this tent pole style is a direct replacement most pop ups manufactured after 1996. It will work for units built prior to 1996 with the old style poles as well.

Videos available

How to modify and install a universal tent pole

How to replace tent pole pins

Easily cut to fit any sized Coleman or Fleetwood that uses a shepherd type pole. C clip attaches to the bed bow and the double push pins accept into the roof pole brace.

Adaptable to other ends such as tent support tips and duck bills. This pole has the same diameter and easily accepts duck bills and tent support tips. It mounts at the roof with our tent pole support brackets.

Measures 84 inches extended and 78 inches collapsed.

Duck bills are available

Tent support tips are available

Part number 4772B6021