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Crank Assembly 3000

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Original price $349.95
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Popular on 1990's Destiny Series Trailers. This crank system for Coleman and Fleetwood pop ups is found on units with lower direct drive lift systems. This crank is always found at the rear bumper, through the center.


How to install this system


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  • Mounting bracket measures 6-1/2 inches across to the centers of the 4 outer bracket mounting holes.
  • Inner mounting bracket measures 2-7/8 inches to the centers of the mounting holes.
  • Drive hub extension measures 6 inches in length as measured from the mounting plate.
  • Overall length of the assembly is 9-3/4 inches.

Installation tip : Take note of the direction of the thrust bearing installed in this system. The thrust bearing needs to face in the proper direction for the system to operate correctly. If the bearing is installed backwards, the system will be difficult to crank. The proper installation has the open / smaller surface of the bearing facing against the base of the thrust nut. This allows it to spin freely when the system is compressed.

Rebuilt Options

Our rebuilt versions when available are built and tested using the very best of used and sometimes new parts. Every system is personally inspected by Derek and guaranteed to preform as good as new.


Crank handles are available

Cordless drill crank adapters are available

Part number 4701-3000


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