Crank Handle New Style


Used to raise and lower the roof, as well as the jacks on most units.

This new style crank handle has been designed to ease the lifting of your roof. We have found that the heavier and more robust the handle, the easier it is to raise the roofs on Coleman and Fleetwood pop ups.

This handle features a larger gauge shaft, larger free spin handle and T slot end. Due to this upgrade, this handle will only work on units with drive hub extension tubes. Drive hub extension tubes are found on units produced after the 1980's.

  • If your camper has a tube that your crank handle fits in to, then this handle will work.
  • If your camper has a drive shaft that your crank handle fits over, then this handle will not work.

Here is a picture of a drive hub extension tube that this handle works with.

Here is an picture of a drive assembly that this handle will not work with.



    • Heavy gauge construction to assist in lifting your roof.
    • Smooth large handle.
    • The handle grip spins freely.
    • The T-slot end fits securely into the crank.
    • Works with all original screw down stabilizer jacks.


The end of the crank handle measures 7/8 of an inch in outside diameter


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Part number 4747G4141

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