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Awning 10 Foot


Looking for quick relief from the hot afternoon sun? The A&E Systems Trim Line patio awning installs easily on your camper's awning rail, providing welcome shade and extra living space. The Trim Line stores neatly in its own weatherproof zippered pouch and sets up easily in only a few minutes. 

These are the closest matched bag awnings to the original Coleman / Fleetwood systems. They operate in the same manner, having vertical ground poles and horizontal rafter poles. The awning comes folded in half during shipping, and requires minimal tools and time to unfold, bracket together at the center, and install onto your original awning rail.

Another option of this awning system is the ability to install socket cups at the bottom of your trailer. this allows the vertical poles to install at a 45 degree angle, giving a more contemporary look to your new awning. 

  • Made of durable, reinforced vinyl fabric
  • Weatherproof zippered pouch for storage
  • Sets up easily in only a few minutes.
  • Extends to a full 7'
  • Click-lock poles ensure desired pitch is maintained
  • Fits in the original 3/8" awning tracks installed on Coleman and Fleetwood pop ups.

Please choose a color from the drop down menu. Available colors are...


Choosing the correct size.

Measure the awning rail that is on your camper roof. The original Coleman Fleetwood bag awnings were not always measures to the foot in length. You can exceed your awning rail by an inch on each side, but we do not recommend past that. This product is measured to the foot.

Example :

  • Rail measures 9.3 feet in length, a 9 foot awning would be the correct order.

See final photo for color examples.

Most awnings are in stock and will ship within 2 - 3 business days.

Installation instructions can be found here.