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Universal Bed Rails For Units Built Before 1997

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Wheel Size: 2-1/8

These bed rails works with almost every Coleman and Fleetwood pop up built prior to June 1997. Ready to install and set for most king sized beds and easily adapts to become a queen or a double.

Video available

Pop Up Camper Pro Tip

You can use the 2-1/4 inch wheel kit to make a 2-1/8 inch, or 2 inch version. Through production Coleman many times would cut or grind a flat spot onto the end wheel to make smaller versions.

When adding a flat spot, It does not affect the operation or the feel of the bed. You may notice when you remove your old rail that a flat spot is already present. If you do, reinstall with the flat spot facing down.

Easy to install

Remove the roll pins and plastic tracks. This allows the bed to pull completely out.  Now install your kit in the same positions as your original rail. Every last piece of hardware is included for an easy installation. A how to video is linked above.


  • 1 Bed rail
  • All required rivets
  • All required stop plates
  • All required spacer plates
  • 2 Roller assemblies
  • 2 Screws and washers

One bed rail services one bed extension side.

Two rails are required to service one complete bed extension.

Measuring for your new bed rail.

This universal rail is pre piloted for almost every stop plate location for each unit built prior to 1997. In the product images, and at the INSTRUCTIONS link located at the top of the webstore you can find the dimension chart and modification chart to assist you in installation.

Dimension Chart

Using the dimension chart, this rail has the following length and stop locations.

  • A = 71-3/8"
  • B = 12-7/8"
  • C = 22-7/8"
  • D = 37-1/2"
  • G = 19-7/8"
  • F = 3/8"


Choosing the correct Wheel Size

The three wheel options are 2-1/8 inches, 2-1/4 inches or 2 inches with a flat spot.

If your wheel is worn it may be easier to measure the inside of the track attached to the camper to choose the correct wheel size.

If you find that your wheel has a flat spot, and is riveted or clamped as not to move, this used to be a factory option. Some units require the wheel to be cut down to 2 inches.

Please select your style of bed rail from the drop down menu above by choosing the correct wheel size.

2-1/8 wheel or 2-1/4 wheel

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