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Coachmen Clipper Shock Cord Kit

Original price $11.95 - Original price $11.95
Original price
$11.95 - $11.95
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Designed to upgrade and replace the original shock cords on Coachmen Clipper pop ups.

Comes with (2) 80 inches sections of shock cord, and (4) hooks and barrels.

This kit installs under the bunk ends, at the middle pulling both sides taught.

One kit services one camper.

Here is an image of the original cord, that this kit replaces.

Installation : Remove the old shock cord completely. Install one hook and barrel to one end of the new shock cord. Measure the distance that you will need, and trim the cord. The cord will want to pull taught when hooked up, so cutting it a bit short is recommended. Install the opposite hook and barrel and attach it to the canvas.

Part number 2006008

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