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Galley Kitchen Sink Faucet


This faucet is a common replacement for galley lift sink systems. It has a special design that allows the faucet to remain intact when the galley sink is lowered to the floor and the bed comes in. Most other faucets will be hit and damaged by the bed coming in unless you remove the faucet stem.

Low profile faucet. The faucet outlet sits 4 inches tall. Features a 3/4 inch garden hose fitting at the end if the spout. 

4 inch wide on the water lines stems.

Connection fittings are available


Type: Single Piece Deck Mount
Size (IN): 4 Inch
Spout Type: Threaded Arc
Handle Type: Lever
Number of Handles: 2
Finish: Chrome Plated
Color: Silver
Material: ABS Plastic
Fitting Size: 1/2 Inch NPT
Valve Type: Washer less Cartridge


Part number 4745E2741