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Power Lift Adapter

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This is the assembly that is pinned to the back of the power lift motor. In the instance of a failure in the power lift system, you can manually override the electric motor and raise or lower your roof with this adapter. 

This design is a new style.

Previous generations of the power lift adapter were much smaller. This is a larger and more robust design. It now features the ability for the crank handle to accept into the adapter, gaining smoother operation.

  • Couples the power lift motor to the crank handle for manual operation.
  • Measures 2 inches in length, 1-1/8 of an inch in diameter.
  • Comes with drive adapter and two pins. 
  • Works with original Coleman and Fleetwood crank handles found here.

Tip: The 12 volt power needs to be disconnected from the motor before it is manually cranked. Unplug the power lift motor before raising or lowering the roof manually.

Make sure to plug the motor back in when the roof is raised. With 12 volt power supplied, a brake is automatically engaged in the motor helping keep the roof up.

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Part number 4757G1121

The last image is an example of an installed power lift adapter.

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