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Roof Brace Bracket Kit


Designed for metal and filon roofs.

This bracket kit is for units produced through 1980 to the 2000's.

Video available

Found in the following AC brace installation kits.

  • 4737E8091
  • 4737G8091
  • 4737J8091

Installation instructions available


Find the AC brace installation instructions under the group ROOF. To check for your correct AC brace or kit part number, take a look at your campers model years ACCESSORY catalog at the PARTS BOOKS

Included in this kit are the following parts.

  • 2 - 4747A695 L shaped brackets
  • 2 - 4749A111 Machine bolts 1"
  • 2 - 4746E053 Machine bolts 1-1/2"
  • 2 - 4749A109 Flat washer
  • 2 - 4741B965 Expansion rivets
  • 2 - 4747-232 Sealing washers 

Part number 4754K2621