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Roof Corner Cap 4 Pack

Original price $74.95
Current price $49.95

4 caps to replace all the corners on your Coleman or Fleetwood roof.

These are the original completely smooth versions. Different versions were available originally, these are the most popular style. If your unit has a slightly shorter version, the extra material can be removed from the bottom of the cap. This cap was designed to replace at least two original styles.

Video available

1980's roof corner cap replacement

1990's roof corner cap replacement

Please check your parts book for the correct part number. Although these style caps look the same from a distance as others, there was at least one other version that was slightly larger and much more rounded at the top that is not directly compatible.

The one cap style that is not compatible has an alpha character D in the middle of the part number.

These caps match the single part numbers 4741A1981 and 4741A1991. They also directly match part numbers 4741B1981 and 4741B1991. In later productions you may find this part number 4716U1981 in your parts book. This is when FCTA had went to selling this 4 pack only. If you find any other these three numbers in your lookup, these caps will work beautifully.

Measures 12 inches tall.

Polar white and paintable.

Add corner cap installation kits 

Click here corner cap installation kit

Or a roll of putty tape

Click here

One corner cap kit installs one roof corner cap. If you would like to install all 4 caps, add 4 corner cap kits to your cart or 1 roll of putty tape.

Part number 4716U1981