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Coleman & Fleetwood Shock Cord Kit

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This kit comes with two sections of the largest shock cord, 4 hooks and 4 cord barrels. It will fit the largest and the smallest Coleman or Fleetwood pop up campers.

Both cords measure 20 feet each. This kits services both beds, or one camper. It has been designed to offer and easier replacement for the old shock cord. The cord diameter of this product is a bit smaller than the original cord, making installation easier. The strength of the product is also equal or greater than the originals.

One kit restores both bed ends, or services one camper. Relatively easy to install, and a quick upgrade for "tired" canvas boot ends.

Video available


Some larger and later model units require more shock cord hooks. If you bed boots are permanently attached to the ends of the bed extension, you will need 4 more shock cord hooks.

Additional Shock cord hooks are available. 

coleman and fleetwood pop up shock cord hook



 Part number 4714C6021 

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