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Acme Nut Whiffle Tree 6731

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The whiffle tree is the threaded rod mounted in the bottom of the pop up. A draw bar runs up and down the rod, and pulls or releases the lift cables.

Plastic delrin nut / acme screw whiffle tree. Your original Coleman or Fleetwood whiffle tree may have a white plastic nut at the center of the draw bar.

There were two types of whiffle trees used. Ball bearing and plastic delrin nut. This style of plastic nut tree is more commonly found on smaller units.

How to install this system

Videos available

Direct compatibility

  • 1994 to 1995 Destiny series (all models)
  • 1996 to 1999 8 Foot box models
  • 2000 Destiny series 8 foot box only with clutch release crank and sprocket assembly.

Measures 23-1/4 inches in total length.

One preset stop. This stop is pinned at approximately 1-3/8 inches from the end of the bar.

Travel: 17 inches. 1 inch of travel equals 3 inches of lift height.

Maintenance Tip : Liberally grease the screw with a lithium grease. Here is a link to a do it yourself maintenance video.

Please Note:

Please Note:

On certain units with channel style whiffle tree covers it may be necessary to grind 1/8 off an inch off each side of the draw bar to fit into the pan cover. 





Part number 4749C6731

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