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Direct Drive Crank Assembly 6311

Coleman Fleetwood direct drive crank assembly.

This popular crank system for Coleman and Fleetwood pop ups is for units with lower direct drive lifts. This crank is most commonly found in the rear bumper, through the center.

Comes with mounting hardware, sprockets, drive shaft, pressure plate, spacer, bearing, coupler, ratchet paw, and drive hub extension kit with hardware installed.  

  • Mounting bracket measures 6-1/2 inches across to the centers of the 4 outer bracket mounting holes.
  • Inner mounting bracket measures 2-7/8 inches to the centers of the mounting holes.
  • Drive hub extension measures 6-3/8 inches in length as measured from the mounting plate.
  • Overall length of the assembly is 10-3/4 inches.

For most Scorpion models, you will need to re-use your drive hub extender kit. 

Part number 4759-6311