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Some parts on some orders may be delayed due to supply chain issues the industry is currently experiencing.
Some parts may be delayed due to supply chain issues the industry is experiencing.

Crank Assembly 5111


This chain drive crank system is commonly located behind a rear body panel. This is the compression system and ratchet upper crank. When you turn the crank handle to the right, the brake engages within this unit. A chain then drives the lower lift and the roof raises.

Videos available

How to choose and replace an upper crank assembly

How lift systems work and their general maintenance

Designed to weld onto the plate to replace the entire upper crank assembly. Remove the old upper crank, and re-weld this assembly back in place. A bushing located in the mounting plate for the drive shaft makes for an easy alignment and installation.

This assembly is most commonly found on grand tour units.

  • Mounting plate measures 4 inches by 4-1/2 inches.
  • Drive hub extension measures 7-1/4 inches in length as measured from the mounting plate.

Chain drive gear has 22 teeth. Comes with drive hub extension and hardware pack already installed.

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Part number 4775D5111